Osemhen, Andrew

Andrew Osemhen | #45 | 6’9” | 270 | Junior | Center | Grayson High School | Loganville GA

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Andrew Osemhen is one of the final four holdovers from the Tony Ingle era of Kennesaw State basketball. In May 2010 before Osemhen’s freshman year Ingle told the AJC: “He is a little raw at this point, but we feel that his best days are in front of him and, provided he brings the work ethic, we anticipate he will see some minutes as a freshman.”

To see Osemhen’s official KSU profile click here

Looking Back

Let’s take a look at Osemhen’s numbers from the past two seasons

His fouls outnumbered his points in both seasons and he had abysmal field goal percentages in both years albeit in limited minutes. It’s too soon to completely give up on an admittedly raw prospect like Osemhen who had spent his first two years in college learning new offenses from two different coaching staffs.

Looking Ahead

2012 is undoubtedly the make or break year for Osemhen and there are no more excuses. He has some things going for him this year, such as being able to practice against new Auburn transfer Willy Kouassi every day and being in Coach Preston’s system for a second straight season. Because of his size, he needs to be able to carve out a niche this year and give solid minutes, even if it’s only for ten per game.

Our Take

Osemhen must play faster, more confidently and more aggressively. There isn’t time at the Division I level to think about where to be at each moment because by the time that’s happening you will have already been beaten to the spot. Defensively he has to learn to use his size and strength to his advantage in man defense, and also has to get in better position to rebound. Offensively he has to establish himself better in the low post. He must show increased mental toughness and physicality in 2012 and if he can find a mean streak then he will be a valuable asset off of the bench for the size needy Owls.


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