4 comments on “Know Your Enemies: Part 3

  1. Word is Javon Dawson got his NCAA waiver and will be playing this year, not redshirting. See e.g.:

    Have you heard anything different?

    With only Glen Powell returning in the frontcourt rotation, this is critical to the Dolphins chances. I expect to see Dawson, JUCO gunner Dylan Fritsch and top freshman recruit Jarvis Haywood all in the rotation.

    • Good catch, thanks! Dawson playing, certainly changes things and I will update it accordingly in the next few days.

      I wasn’t impressed with Fritsch’s numbers, but numbers don’t always tell the whole story so time will tell.

  2. I can’t take credit for this one – Courtside, number 1 Jacksonville fan and sharp observer of ASun basketball in general, told me, with great relief, that Javon had gotten a waiver. It’s also his guess that Fritsch’s shooting will make him a part of the Jacksonville rotation from early on.

    • Shoutout to Courtside. Fritsch shot 34% from three last year in JUCO and 37% overall so I’m not going to bank on him but I’m sure he will get some PT based on experience and size.

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